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Mayor's Youth Council

The Mayor's Youth Council is compromised of approximately 10 high school juniors, one chosen from each high school. The council’s purpose is to weigh in on community issues. MYC enables local officials to be more representative of the community as a whole and improve services that directly affect young people.

Mayor's Youth Council By-laws

Racial Injustice Resource Book and Movie List

The Mayor’s Youth Council has compiled a list of books, films, and podcasts about systemic racism. You'll find resources of fiction and nonfiction, all with one overarching theme: racism permeates everything from the criminal justice system to health care. These resources dig far deeper than U.S. History on the Civil War and contain useful information to help fuel more educated discussions on real-world problems. We hope you spend some time with these resources that will help jumpstart your racial injustice education. Click photo below to view gallery page.

Racial Injustice Resource Book List Racial Injustice Resource Movie List
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